Don’t know what a fare hack is?  Relax.  It’s not hard or technical.  A fare hack is a way of getting a cheaper  airfare.  Here’s what you need know to fare hack your way to a cheaper trip.

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Yesterday, I booked a flight to Dublin for my friends’ destination birthday. (We single folks have to treat ourselves; we don’t get the destination wedding.)  I was patting myself on the back because I saved $150 over the lowest price I had seen even though I procrastinated and fares had risen.  After receiving my email confirmation with the receipt and itinerary, I noticed that I might have ended up unwittingly making a mistake that could’ve cost me a lost day of vacation and money.  Here’s a quick caution about layovers so you don’t make the same mistake I almost did. Continue reading

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I’ve always wanted a website or phone app where you can search for a destination by price.  So instead of searching for a destination, like Chicago, you could put in a price and it would spit out where you could go for that amount of money.  Let’s face it, sometimes you have some money set aside and you just want to get out of town.   If you’re like me, you don’t have the time and/or patience to come with a bunch of destinations on your own and price them out.  Even if you did, what if you there’s a destination that you didn’t think that you could afford.  Or worse yet, a destination that you didn’t think you can afford so you don’t bother looking into it but it’s on sale and you could’ve afforded it.  There’s no website like that (that I know of), but we’re one step closer with Hipmunk Deals.

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You’ve done your research, planned out your sightseeing and packed your bags.  It’s vacation time.  If you’re like me, there’s always one thing that you forget to pack.  You can do without most things or buy a replacement once you get to your destination.  The one thing you can’t forget is your passport. This is a lesson that one traveler knows all too well.  Only he didn’t forget it.  Instead the oldest excuse in the world happened.  The dog ate it. Continue reading

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Cheers Darling

There’s “broke” and there’s rich people’s  –  I’m down to my last million – broke.  So too with  bargain hunting.  If you’ve been reading me for a while, you know that I’m a bargain traveler, but I’m a mixed bag when it comes to just how frugal cheap I am.  I tend to travel places when I find them at a deal, but they’re usually overseas which is seen as relative luxury to a lot of people.  As one college roommate put it, I’m a silver spoon on a paper plate.  In my last post, I told you how I got a 4 star room (at a great price), but I took the bus to get there instead of flying or the train.  I even shared how you can buy your own island for under $200,ooo.   Today, I’m letting you know how you take a private jet on your next trip. Continue reading

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Piggy Bank

A little while back I forgot that I said I would go to friend’s party in Philadelphia.  The party was on Saturday evening and it was Saturday morning when I remembered.   I could have driven to Philadelphia, but the party started at 8 PM, which meant I would have to drive all the way back pretty late at night.  The bus is always a cheap option.  But what about lodging because I have no idea what time I’ll leave the party or if I’ll feel like take a a late bus back home.  I have friends and family in the area, but I didn’t want to crash at their place if it meant waltzing in at all hours of the morning. In fact, my parents tease me if I come in late (which means after 9 PM to them) when I’m visiting.  They say “the neighbors will gossip about what kind of company we’re keeping at those hours.” So that meant I would have to get a hotel room. Continue reading

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There’s one thing that can turn a flight into a living hell, excessive noise.  Whether it’s the baby that won’t stop crying, the chatty person sitting next to you, or the kid who has his music cranked up so loud that you can hear what they’re listening to, it can make a flight rough.  It’s bad enough that they have us squeezed in like cattle and charge us fees up the wazoo, but we shouldn’t have to have our ears assaulted too.  That’s nothing compared to what passengers had to put up with on this flight. Continue reading

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Flushable Economy Seats (CLICK TO ENLARGE)

I saw a headline about an airplane seat that doubles as a toilet seat and had to click on it.  I thought, “What the ___?!”  I started imagining how disgusting it would be to have to sit there while your lactose intolerant neighbor takes a hot smelly dump right next to you with nothing more between you than an armrest and maybe a blanket.  I couldn’t even begin to imagine how someone could wipe without exposing themselves.  After my disgust wore off, I started thinking about posting the story.  Regular readers know that I’m not above posting weird/gross news.  I had already posted stories about a toilet park/museum in  South Korea and the Taiwanese restaurant that serves food and drink in mini toilets and urinals.  It turns out, thankfully, that the story was fake. Continue reading

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Graham Huges

Graham Hughes

People always ask me where I want to travel. It’s  eaiser to tell people where I don’t want to go: Antarctica and anywhere where people want to do me harm. (It’s not that people want to harm me me personally, although there are few people who probably roll their eyes at the mere mention of my name, but places where they would have no problem making an example of a tourist/foreigner, an American, etc.) I really would like to see all those other places, but I don’t really think that I’ll actually squeeze all that in.  One person has. Graham Hughes has become the first person to visit all 201 UN member countries without taking a plane.  Continue reading

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Denny’s Wedding

Denny's Wedding Chapel

Denny’s Wedding Chapel – Las Vegas, NV

When you think of classy weddings what usually comes to mind?  Tuxedos, doves, beautiful flowers,  a church, etc?  You’re wrong.  Dead wrong.  When I think of a classy wedding I think of two things: a great destination and tasty food.  Hold on to your garter belts ladies because now you can have both because Denny’s is opening up a wedding chapel….in Vegas.  (Where else are you going to find something that tacky memorable?) Continue reading

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